[udig-devel] 1.2-RC3 is up

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Mon May 17 07:50:06 PDT 2010

Oh look it is tomorrow morning... I tried to remember what we have been up to and submit/close a few bugs to populate this release. Please check over the following list and see if we forgot something?

Do we have an update site that can be used? Want to make an issue for that...

At least we have some new features to talk about this release.


On 17/05/2010, at 11:47 PM, Jody Garnett wrote:

> Well I am uploading the final windows installer now ....
> I have also included a windows 64 build sans jre - moovida apparently will provide instructions :-) If someone can upload a jre with JAI etc it would help...
> Tomorrow morning I will sort out some release notes and make a more general announcement.

[UDIG-1632] - IFeaturePanel class and Extension Point
[UDIG-1520] - unable to connect WMS with Udig
[UDIG-1553] - axios plugin edittools
[UDIG-1578] - OracleGeoResource keeps its own IService
[UDIG-1587] - Adding WMS service via wizard fails.
[UDIG-1612] - Bluemarble tif not displayed
[UDIG-1629] - PostGIS next() called before hasNext()
[UDIG-1633] - Cannot resolve PostGIS layer to JDBCDataStore
[UDIG-1638] - Marker size defaults to 6
[UDIG-1639] - Table show selection does nothing
[UDIG-1641] - RenderContextImpl fails when MapViewer not shown yet
[UDIG-1642] - Cant edit PostGIS line feature in 1.2-rc2
[UDIG-1650] - Add transparency support for default Image format image/png8
[UDIG-1631] - Move public documentation to public svn
[UDIG-1634] - Break ICatalog up into ISearch and IRepository and check interface boundaries
[UDIG-1647] - Add visual queues to information tool layer list
[UDIG-1648] - Change Coordinate System: Set focus to Search field
[UDIG-1655] - Allow user to change layer filter
[UDIG-1656] - FeatureInterceptor for creation of default values
[UDIG-1657] - Service and GeoResource Interceptors
New Feature
[UDIG-1658] - Generic GeoTools DataStore support
[UDIG-1659] - Relaxing requirement to know bounds
[UDIG-1660] - User control of Feature Caching
[UDIG-1661] - Filter layer content with "query builder"

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