[udig-devel] Udig Start Up and uDig as a RCP plugin

Jesse Eichar jeichar.w at gmail.com
Wed May 21 02:54:19 PDT 2008

I'm a little nervous.  We can follow very quickly with a 1.1.1 with  
this change.


On 20-May-08, at 9:58 PM, Jody Garnett wrote:

> So the question for Jesse is can Harry make this change on 1.1.x; or  
> are we too close to release?
> Cheers,
> Jody
> Harry Bullen wrote:
>> Hey devs,
>> I have just been talking to jgarnet about how uDig starts up when  
>> it's
>> a plugin to another RCP.  We decided that it would be better to  
>> have a
>> separate start up hook class that dose all the necessary checks and
>> start up the ShutdownTaskList.  This would simplify the task of
>> setting up uDig as a plugin for another RCP and make the
>> UDIGApplication class simpler.  Anyways I wanted to let people know  
>> so
>> they give us any guidance we might need.
>> This is the bug link we are using.
>> http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/UDIG-1390
>> And an IRC log if you you are interested in reading it.
>> <hbullen> You said you thought it should be in the udig.ui plugin  
>> right?
>> <jgarnett> right right
>> <jgarnett> yeah; that is what udig.ui is for
>> <jgarnett> all the user interface / intergration stuff
>> <jgarnett> ie that is why UDIGApplication is there; and why the  
>> useful
>> methods of UDIGApplication are static - so others can call them from
>> their own RCP Application.
>> <hbullen> Right the only thing was that you would not want to load
>> this plugin when you are running uDig as an RCP
>> <hbullen> The idea of this extra plugin was instead of having to call
>> methods from UDIGApplicaion you would just load this plugin and it
>> would take care of everything for you.
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>> <hbullen> jgarnett are you still there?
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>> <jgarnett> I am; sorry I just had a visitor asking about some
>> geoserver labeling stuff
>> <jgarnett> reading...
>> <jgarnett> I see your point; so you have the startup hooks already  
>> eh?
>> Sounds perfect;
>> <jgarnett> remember "code it like you mean it"
>> <jgarnett> if you make loading the plug-in perform the checks
>> <jgarnett> then we can simplify the UDIGApplication class.
>> <hbullen> ?
>> <jgarnett> (the UDIGApplication class is only our best practice; if
>> you can move the startup code into the plug-in activator we should be
>> good)
>> <jgarnett> okay I have not looked at your patch; since I am on  
>> trunk...
>> <jgarnett> my guess is you use a startup hook
>> <jgarnett> and perform the checks for JAI and GDI+
>> <hbullen> yes it is a stratup hook
>> <jgarnett> (is that about right?)
>> <hbullen> I call UDIGApplication
>> <hbullen> and I preload stuff
>> <jgarnett> cool
>> <hbullen> pretty much I'm just calling init
>> <jgarnett> so if you pick up that "init" method and move it into your
>> startup hook class
>> <hbullen> and setting up the shutdowntask list
>> <jgarnett> then UDIGApplication can be even more simple.
>> <jgarnett> yeah; your solution is much better.
>> <hbullen> okay that is something I could do then
>> <jgarnett> so let's do it.
>> <jgarnett> I have a DEV page on UDIGApplication; we will need to
>> update it to reflect your work.
>> <jgarnett> so the other thing is to send email saying what we are  
>> doing and why.
>> <jgarnett> Note there is still some resonsiblities of an RCP
>> application hosting UDIG Plug-ins
>> <hbullen> yes
>> <jgarnett> (in terms of menus etc...)
>> <jgarnett> but I have not found a good way to document this; I have
>> written a wiki page ... but it would be better captured as code.
>> <hbullen> Yes I know about that and would like to include that in  
>> this
>> plug in as well
>> <hbullen> eventually
>> <jgarnett> understood
>> <jgarnett> so my question is; can you just add the startup hooks to
>> net.refractions.udig.ui?
>> <jgarnett> it already has the responsibiity of being "the stuff  
>> needed
>> for your RCP app"
>> <hbullen> Yes I belive that would work
>> <jgarnett> sweet.
>> <jgarnett> As eclipse grows up
>> <jgarnett> we need less and less of our own custom hook
>> <hbullen> I'm make the changes and make a trunk version
>> <jgarnett> like the UDIGApplication.init method
>> <jgarnett> got it
>> <hbullen> I'll proablly also take a bunch of the static methods
>> <jgarnett> yep
>> <jgarnett> So remember we got three things to do:
>> <jgarnett> 1. check with the email list; this close to uDig 1.1.0
>> release Jesse may ask us to wait for 1.1.x
>> <jgarnett> 2. update the code on trunk; and/or backport to 1.1.x
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>> <jgarnett> 3. update the developers guide instructions so people are
>> not confused when learning
>> <hbullen> noted
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